Monday, August 17, 2015

The Future

Hello Everyone! I know it has been almost two whole weeks since I have posted. For that, I am sorry! Since just recently moving all of my stuff back home and settling in I have been trying to be more involved with my church again. 

Last Sunday, August 9, my church celebrated our 100th Anniversary Homecoming. It was great. My mom was on the committee to help plan and prepare for the big day so I helped her with some of that stuff. Also last week we had our annual Vacation Bible School. I ended up also volunteering for that last minute so I was really busy with that and preparing to start school again today.

Since all of those things kept me pretty busy last week I never got around to posting. But I am kind of glad. It gave me a week to reflect on what God is doing in my life at the moment and what He will be doing in the coming year as I am at home again. 

I have been looking forward to moving back home for quite some time so I can get involved in our church again! So far it has been great. I ended up helping with crafts for the kiddos during VBS and I loved it. All of the kids were just so sweet and it's so exciting to be involved in helping to grow their faith. I also really loved getting to work with the other craft teachers. We shared lots of laughs over the week!

I am in this odd transitional part of my life where I have become part of the "boomerang" generation. That is those of us who graduate from college with a 4 year degree and move back home with mom and dad. I'm hoping to be accepted into 1 of 2 Radiology programs I have applied for in Fall 2016. 

I am taking classes at a local community college in order to fulfill some admission requirements for those programs. I have really been questioning what my future will hold. But then I heard the message Dr.Denise Honeycutt delivered on Homecoming Sunday about God's "Wild, Extravagant Hope" for me. 

Her message reminded me that no matter what I've done in the past, no matter my sins, my failures, or my shortcomings, God has wild, extravagant hope for me. And God has that same hope for YOU. In her message she quoted Jeremiah 29:11. I have been reading this verse daily since then. It helps me to remember that though my future may not be clear to me at the moment, God knows what it holds. God has a plan for me. God will use me. And God will show me those plans in His time. 


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